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Paddle Prairie School- Attendance Action Protocol

The Paddle Prairie School attendance improvement committee has created a procedure for tracking and improving attendance. As you may know, attendance is an important aspect of student's success in school. The procedure will be sent out to families in the near future so that everyone is aware of the steps staff members are taking to improve attendance in our school. In the meantime, we want to outline some of the features of this procedure that affect families directly.

1. It will no longer be acceptable for a guardian to text/call a student directly and have them tell the teacher they are leaving early. If a student is being picked up from school early, the guardian must call the school and let the office know that the child is leaving the school early. This will then be communicated to the staff member that is responsible for that student. This ensures that staff members are aware of the location of students at all times, helping to ensure student safety. 

2. If a student is absent from school for two consecutive days, or four days in a month the teacher will call home to communicate with guardians. If a student continues to be absent from school the principal will call home to communicate with the guardians and mutually come to a solution to increase student attendance. 

3. If a student does not attend school for 10 consecutive days, the principal will make contact with the guardians and send a letter to the parents outlining the attendance for that student. 

4. If a student is late between classes the student will receive an "L" on the attendance. Once a student receives 7 lates, they will be required to serve a lunch time detention. This only applies to a student who is late in between classes and not students who come to school late. 

We look forward to working with parents/guardians and other community members to optimize this process and increase our student attendance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this message,

Mr. Whittle, Principal


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