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Meet Our Staff!

Paige Stoffregen

Paige was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta! She teaches High School English Language Arts and Social Studies, Grade 8 English and Social Studies, Grade 8 Film Studies, and Grade 7 Science. She also facilitates our Yearbook Club and Guitar Club. This is her first year teaching at Paddle Prairie School. 

Why do you like teaching or what's your favourite part of teaching?

  • "I love learning new things alongside my students - especially when they are the ones to teach me something! I also love helping students find their passions and expand their knowledge about the world around them."

Tell us something about yourself.

  • "I love being creative; writing, playing music, making playlists and Pinterest boards! Last year I started running a D&D game for my family that is still going strong! I also love to read, especially fantasy and horror."

We're lucky to have you, Paige!

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